1.01 Beat – Working Title

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2 Responses to 1.01 Beat – Working Title

  1. swearbox says:

    Hi there,

    I found a link to your blog in a post on another blog I read (Green All Over). Your blog looks like it could be a very interesting read though a lot of the content appears to be password protected. How do I get to read your posts above ?

    In the meantime I have added you to my blogroll as I’m sure my readers will find your stuff enlightening.


    • Hi,

      The Green-All-Over Blog does look v good.

      I am not looking for traffic to the site yet – I am writing a book, which needs to go thru a lot
      of approoval processes, before I release it. The passwords will not be available, till I decide
      whether to publish this as a book, or as a blog.

      The cricket blogs, are open.


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