Day 1, shit day

Ok, am at a loose end, and need something to do.

Probably not the best reason in the world to start a blog, but, for yrs, I have needed to write a book about how betfair has evolved, and my interaction with said company, and this may be a way, of giving me the motivation to capture said ‘stuff’

Have had a shit day, losing £6k, but, as a positive, have just won back £700, on a meaningless football game, while I was organising the start of this blog, so, that’s a very promising start.

The blog will focus mainly as a traders mind-set, on sports.

What the fuck does that mean ?

Well, for the innocent, let me do a little basic explanation.

Nah, fuck it, u can do your own research on what Betfair is.

My speciality, is trading ‘in-running’ sports events, and I happen to like golf, cricket, rugby and horse-racing.

As the Ashes series is starting v soon, I will blog my daily position in each game, and ideas behind the trades.

I am not a total mug at this: Lifetime P/L on Betfair

That’s a summary direct from the betfair servers : Not bad, but its 10 yrs work, it also doesnt include other exchanges/High St bookies/cash bets, I might have won/lost on, so, its a bit meaningless, but not totally.

Sorry the pics a bit out of focus – I captured it with MWsnap, and I am learning .. bear with me. ((If you click on pic, it will open in a new window, clearly))

About Joe Stone

Professional Betfair Trader, specialising in in-running sports.
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