Day 1 thoughts

Ok, so we are getting started.

This is a road that began, as they say, one step at a time, some 11 yrs ago.

I am now old, the game has made me so, but, have been involved with gambling, as a punter/bookie/punter for the last 20 yrs.

The game is not easy. Expenses make it harder, as do the various villains and heroes you encounter, on daily trips to the fair, but, the key thing is, if you are disciplined, and a little bit savvy, the game is beatable.

11 yrs ago, I was more than flat broke. I had nothing, except some kids who I loved, debts round my ears, and a lifetimes experience in the betting world – some good, some not so.

This happened to coincide with the creation of Betfair, and thou, Betfair in its first 2-3 yrs, was distinctly ‘on-the-fly’, anyone who understood computers, could easily make money.

How, I hear u cry. Well, cast your mind back to .. say, even 9 yrs ago. The internet was about, but, it was very basic, and people didn’t even know you could open multiple windows, and it crawled along, at 56kb, if you were lucky.

Internet betting companies, like Ladbrokes, William Hills were just starting to establish a land grab, trying to attract as many new internet customers as possible, at almost any cost, and they would lay you a bet.

So, with a bank, of just £200, I started.

About Joe Stone

Professional Betfair Trader, specialising in in-running sports.
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