Day 2, this is cool

Ok, so spent the last 5 hrs or so, glued to my keyboard, setting up the first few pages.

I suppose its like a lot of bloggers – initial early enthusiasm, but, will it be maintained ?

Thats a fair question, and not sure, but, I think I have a chance.

Trawling thru the Betfair blogs, there are many that have started, and seem to have lost contact. It’s a question of balance – do you have the time, are you giving away too many secrets etc, but from my standpoint, these are my reasonings for the Blog :

  1. I have oodles of spare time.
  2. A decent book is needed, reviewing how the few made money on Betfair, and I want to write it.
  3. New countries/markets may open in the next 2 yrs, which will grow the user base.

Looking at those points in more detail:

1)  I live at home mainly, with my wife and 2 kids. I spend a lot of time with them, which is the greatest gift you can give.Its fun – not so enjoyable, is travelling to whatever sporting event is on, and the time away from home, but, it’s also good to see new places. It’s probably fortunate I now have a decent bank-roll, and can afford to pick and choose sporting events – but, honestly, u have to specialise, you can’t be a master trader, at multiple sports.

I am an expert cricket trader/horse-race trader/rugby trader .. and then it gets more cloudy.

I know, baseball, american football are sports with a lot of potential, especially for data modelling (computer simulations of match-ups, indicating who should win) – but, for now, am prepared to wait, till the USA legalises online Internet Gambling – which is coming, as more and more states need gambling revenues to help balance their budgets.

2)Really good books on gambling are few and far between – some of my favourites are :

  • Enemy Number One – Patrick Veitch
  • A Bloody Good Winner – Dave Nevison
  • The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King – Michael Craig

There are others, and I will add them to the list, as they come to mind, but there isnt one, about someone who ‘got the money’, during the early Betfair yrs. I need to write it.

3)Just as stock markets mature, sports markets will do the same. Sports trading hedge funds will emerge/have emerged – maybe I will be involved (teaching/guiding), maybe not, but I just know, growth of internet gambling has a long way to go.

About Joe Stone

Professional Betfair Trader, specialising in in-running sports.
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