Link not working

Spent the whole morning trying to reorganise the Blog.

I want to split it between Blog content, and Book material, which will detail, the last 10 yrs.

I created some sub-headings under the title page, but, from within a new Page, or a New Post, the link button appears greyed out. When I force it to load, via SHIFT-ALT-A button, I get a list of the pages I created, and I can select one, but, when I update to publish, the link just disappears.

Is this a problem with this theme ?

Am using Firefox version 3.6.12, on Windows 7

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It appears there has been a problem this weekend .. hopefully the site will have it sorted soon.


This is now fixed – I was using the feature in the wrong way – but have cracked it.

About Joe Stone

Professional Betfair Trader, specialising in in-running sports.
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