S.Africa v India – 1st Test, Centurian

Thunderstorm season in Pretoria/Johannesburg, and wet weather has been forecast/arrived all week. The storms normally hit in the late afternoon/evening, so, they are not always game breakers, but, the morning play can sometimes be delayed, as mopping up occurs.

I think S.Africa are a fraction over-rated, and am prepared to take them on – especially in the 1st test.

The game is 4 days away, and its a weak market.

S.Africa  2.96

India  5.4

Draw 2.06


Some activity in the wee hourse before the game, and heavy rain forced draw down to 1.5x, before easing back to 1.7x, as its announced play will start at 3pm local.

My opening book :


Didnt shine here.


Draw price crashed to 1.5, SA went to 6.0, on sights of tent on cricket ground, water etc, but, it dried up, to allow a 3.pm start on the first day. I was asleep !!

SA won toss, India collpased, and am left nursing a 3k, Eamon Andrews (Big Red Book).

No Hope .. will lose the 3k.

About Joe Stone

Professional Betfair Trader, specialising in in-running sports.
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