Casino exploits

Had some time to kill, so decided to give a local casino a chance.

Was watching a $50 blackjack-table, with a 4 deck shuffle machine.
A lady was playing by herself, having changed $2000, 4 boxes, at a flat $100 a hand, with $25 a hand, on perfect pairs. She was using a very poor strategy,and was basically murdering her money.

This is never especially fun to watch, (unless you are the house), but this was made even more egregious, as she declared she had terminal cancer, and this was here last fling, before Xmas, and a fairly short New year.

Now, I have no reason to suspect she was lying about her health, but she had a full head of hair – and looked ok, apart from scaring on both her arms.

Anyway, I watched her for about 30 mins, as she went for more money, left, to play poker.

I was playing fairly well, at a $2/$3 NL hold-em table, winning $245, when, about 2 hours later, the same lady came and sat at my immediate right.

I immediately engaged her in conversation, and got more details about her condition. She was just as bad at Poker, as Blackjack, thou thought it was a good move for her, as the max table buy-in was $200, so, at least she would lose, fairly slowly. She told me, she had lost her house/husband, and was having a last fling, before xmas with her 2 teenage kids, and an unwelcome New Year.

She was very loose, calling $40 etc, with 2nd or third pairs, with crap kickers. As she was so bad, the table loosened up, and pots got bigger.

She appeared very novicey, and asked the table/delaer for help etc – a lot of which I provided. This didnt put me off my game, but, did distract me, as I had this over-whelming premonition of getting into a pot with her, and me folding the Nuts, as I wouldnt really want to win her money.

After a few hands, she went to make a phone call, so I told the rest of the table/dealer, about her condition. Perhaps more hardened than me, they played her the same, which I have no problem with.

A few hands later –

I was dealt AsAd, in mid-position, with a raise of $13 called by 6 players. I probably should have raised, but decided not to.

The Flop, was 7S 6S 2h.

This was checked to me, as third to act. I checked, and a pro in the 4th seat bet $60, into a pot of $83. Another pro in 5, also called, the woman called, and back to me, I shove for $387. The 2 pros, eventually pass, just leaving the woman. She says, she wants to see my cards. I tell her, fold, and you can see them. She calls.

She has 7D 3c – one pair, turn is KingC, river 7C. Pot was $950

She says sorry, which I am sure she meant, and thinking I was almost broke, offered to lend me some money !!

I declined, and lost my small balance (my all-in was partially returned), on the next hand. I then left.

On reflection, I am fairly happy to have lost the hand – I wouldn’t really have wanted to win her money – hopefully it will give her some good memories – the only problem being, she would have undoubtedly lost the rest to the other professionals/casino.

Casinos can be very sad places.

About Joe Stone

Professional Betfair Trader, specialising in in-running sports.
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