S.Africa v India – 2nd Test, Durban

Eve of game, and some drizzle around.

8 of 9 last tests here have been results, but, still feel I want to get onside the draw, initially.

I think the batters will do ok, if it’s a decent pitch.


Day 1 saw draw down to a low of 2.26, but, after a mad day 2, its now 20, and I have a £6k red to worry about.

Basically my book is :

SA  (2.1)  – £15k

India (2.1)  +£3k

Draw (20) -£1k

Not good .. India 166 ahead, 6 wkts left. Will probably bail, or try to trade out of it, in-running, thou, it wont be easy.


End day 3, and it could be a lot worse.

Book now is :

SA -£3k

India  -£3k

Draw +£5k

I think India at 1.86, are far too big. S.Africa need 192 more, 7 wkts left, 2 days to play, thou some weather is fcast for day 5.

Will try make India winners (probably). A lot depends on what the pitch looks like, in the morning.

About Joe Stone

Professional Betfair Trader, specialising in in-running sports.
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