Power of Social Media

I have never been a social media person :

Facebook is something I have studiously avoided, as is Twitter.

This is probably a mistake – just as the Iphone has revolutionised there market place, Social Media is increasingly being used to target worthy user groups.

I have a Twitter account, and have been posting some vague ramblings, once in a while, on cricket. The number of people, who want to follow these accounts, hoping they can get an edge, is just amazing. One indian bookmaker, is following 300 different accounts, despite only having posted 6 times himself.

I have no doubt, if I was to regularly post mkt related info, it would be very easy to push a mkt, any way I wanted. Sometimes, a picture, can make people think a ground is very dark/rainy etc, when, in all likelihood, your camera just takes dark photos (as my Iphone does).

Social media can have no direct repercussions, if the person wishes to remain anonymous – this is a tool, a wily trader, will use one day.



About Joe Stone

Professional Betfair Trader, specialising in in-running sports.
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