ICC – and the no-ball 3

So, 10 yrs for Butt, Asif 7 and Amir 5.

With the various suspended sentences, basically, they all got the same, which is ludicrous to me. Amir is a youngster, probably easily led, in an environment, highly conducive to corruption.

I hope/expect Amir to get a reduced sentence, of maybe 2 yrs.

Haroon Lorgat, is apparently confident of a clean World Cup. Apparently, discussions are also in place, as to whether gambling can be legalised on the sub-continent, which is where they want to lay the blame.

I am sure the vast majority of bookies want legalisation – but, don’t hold your breath. There is too much corruption, at all levels, which have vested interests, for it to remain illegal.

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Professional Betfair Trader, specialising in in-running sports.
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